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Quilts for Japan

March 30, 2012

Hello friends! Thank you for continuing to stay with us as we continue to blog sporadically. We have so many new projects and fabrics in the store, it is hard to find time to tell you about them! There is one project that we are honored to have finished and that is our Quilts for Japan project. As we are sure you all remember, last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami left over 20,000 people dead and many thousand more homeless and their lives irrevocably changed. In some small way, we tried to take on the herculean task of bringing comfort to those in need. With the help of our friends at Lecien fabrics, we asked our customers and friends to make quilts for some of those victims in Japan.

We called out for help and we were thrilled by the response of our community to pull together and provide some small comfort to those in need. Debbie spent weeks quilting these quilts and here are some of the results.

As a community, we were able to pull together 75 quilts, many of which had matching pillowcases .  Additionally, our Japanese customers made some purses and dolls that will be much appreciated by the children of Japan.

Lecien USA welcomed the responsibility of making sure all of the wonderful quilts were shipped to Lecien Japan. From there, the quilts will be distributed to the people.

 Prairie Queens would like to THANK all of the wonderful quilters who helped us with this wonderful heartfelt project.  We would also like to Thank Lecien USA for asking us to partner with them in this wonderful endeavor.   We pray that there will never be another reason to take on such an undertaking, but we have been truly blessed with the opportunity to bless others in this task.

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